The search for Antoine Jarvis continues in Laval

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LAVAL – Police search efforts have yet to turn up any sign of Antoine Jarvis. The 19-year-old has been missing for an excruciating 10 days.

With no new leads, family and friends decided to launch a search party of their own.

Nearly fifty people showed up Sunday at the Saint-Maxime High School near Jarvis’ home in Laval to help in the search, before splitting up into smaller groups. The hope was to cover as much ground as possible in and around Laval.

Friends and family members continued their search for Antoine Jarvis in wooded areas of Laval. Sunday, April 17, 2016.

The efforts were led by Antoine’s mother, Angela Palmer and his sister, Shanelle Jarvis.

“The support that’s been given, the outcry that’s been given is really commendable,” Palmer said. “I really want to thank everybody for that.”

Antoine Jarvis has been missing since April 7.

He was last seen around his home in Laval’s Chomedy district.

Saturday, his family searched downtown Montreal, today they searched wooded areas near new developments.

They hoped to find clues even though they knew it would be a long shot.

“I know my brother is alive, for sure, I know he’s alive, and I feel like he’s hiding in one of these forests,” said Shanelle Jarvis. “He’s not too far from home. I know that for sure, because I know my brother and I know he wouldn’t travel a very long distance.”

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