‘That’s their job, so do it’: calls for Saskatchewan government to get back to work

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REGINA – Running a political campaign can be grueling experience.

But with a late budget not yet finalized and some key players noticeably absent, some are starting to ask the question: when is the government getting back to work?

Since the election, the legislature has been a quiet building. Political columnist Murray Mandryk is arguing that with such an important budget on the horizon, elected leaders should be working overtime.


“Everyone can say, ‘Oh, the MLA’s are tired, they just had a campaign.’ Of course they are, it’s grueling. I’m not making light of it all that much,” he said. “The fact of the matter is they were elected to do a job; do it.”

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At a health press conference Friday morning, Health Minister Dustin Duncan was noticeably absent. Minister of Corrections and Policing, Christine Tell said she didn’t know where he was, but was “just asked to be here.”

Newly-elected MLA Eric Olauson was also spotted after the election at an Arizona baseball game.

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Opposition leader Trent Wotherspoon said elected officials are taking too long to get back to work and that “action is required.”

Brad Wall was back in the rotunda again, assuring media that the treasury board has met a number of times since the election and that progress will be made on finalizing the June 1st budget.

“Next week cabinet will meet. Caucus will then get into the budget deliberations in an all day meeting on [April 22]. Then treasury board meets next week and we’ll be back earlier mid-May in the house,” he said.

But Mandryk believes tackling an economic package of this magnitude should require all hands on deck.

“I’m sorry that puts them in a bit of a bind… but not really. That’s their job, that’s what they got elected to do, so do it.”

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