Moncton is home to one of the youngest refugees in Canada

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All Rawan Aljejawi and Alaaeddin Abduslam ever wanted for their baby boy Jad is to be happy.

“I search for safe place for him. It is not safe to be in Syria and that break my heart,” said Rawan. “I don’t want to make him see the war and things that I had seen.”

In February, the first time parents, who both fled war torn Syria, packed up their then 15-day-old infant and made the grueling 24-hour trip from Jordan to Canada.

Now living in Moncton, Jad is now one of the youngest Syrian refugees to settle in Canada.


“It was hard, but when we came here and see the lovely people and the friendly people we forget everything,” said Rawan.

She says now Jad has a chance at a happy life, far away from the fear and desperation both of his parents knew back home in Syria

“We don’t know in Syria when someone shoot us or when plane came and make everything burn,” said Rawan. She says it was no place for an innocent child.

“There is no more school in Syria. When start the war no more school no more education.”

Rawan says it was an impossible life for the couple to even fathom for their son. Back home in Syria, Rawan was a teacher and Alaaeddin was an electrician.

The couple met in Jordan about two years ago after feeling the war in Syria. They eventually married and had their first baby, Jad.

“I search a job as a electrician or a systems alarm and system camera, anything, no problem,” said Alaaedin.

He says he just wants a chance to provide for his family.

Just like being new parents, life here takes some getting used to, and pieces of their hearts will always ache for those left back home.

“My brother is still in Syrian and sometimes it is hard to call him and what to know about him.”

Jad’s uncle may never get to watch him grow, but being here provides hope and opportunity.

“Good future for baby and happy for language French, English and home Arabic,” said Alaaeddin.

They say they’ll tell little Jad about Syria someday, but only the good memories.

“I just want him to learn and being safe that’s it, ” said Rawan.

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