Métis Nation of Saskatchewan calling for election

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REGINA – A recent ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada said the federal government is responsible for assisting Métis people. But the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan, also known as the MNS, have some internal issues to deal with first.



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    The president of Regina Riel Métis Council 34, Dennis Brooks, said the so-called “leaders” from the Provincial Métis Council have not been representing the Métis properly.

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    In November 2014, the MNS. lost funding after failing to hold province wide legislative assemblies for five years, as required by their constitution.

    “They are trying to put forward the image that it is business as usual, but it’s not. They do not speak for any of us,” Brooks said.

    Now he wants them out. “The point was we wanted to remove all that ambiguity and we want people who are not doing their jobs to be removed.”

    Brooks is calling for an election, and wants the “Morin Faction” out.

    That group consists of the vice-president of the Provincial Métis Council, Gerald Morin, and 11 other members who have reportedly ignored the fact that they need to meet, and speak on how to resume funding.

    Although “the courts are generally reluctant to intervene in the internal affairs of voluntary organizations,” the Court of Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan released a written decision in December 2014 stating “the Provincial Métis Council (PMT) and its members [must] meet and set a time and date for a session of the Métis Nation Legislative Assembly (MNLA).”

    But according to Brooks, the meeting to set up a meeting has still not successfully taken place. He is now calling on the remaining members and federal government for assistance.

    In an email to Global News, Brooks said “the last time we tried to have an MNLA, approximately 90 local presidents voted to remove the Morin faction from their posts for dereliction of duty.”

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