Marissa Shephard found fit to stand trial

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The woman charged with first degree murder and arson in the death of Baylee Wylie of Moncton has been found fit to stand trial.

Marissa Shephard was arrested on March 1, after evading police for more than two and a half months.  She was wanted in connection with what police called the “extremely violent” murder of Wylie.

She appeared in a Moncton court this morning.

In March, Shephard was ordered to undergo a 30-day psychiatric evaluation before the case against her could go any further.

Today, the results of the evaluation were reported to the court.

Shephard will be back in court June 3.

Outside of the court house, a friend of Shephard said she was surprised with the finding.

“In my book, she’s not fit at all,” said Taylor Lutes, who calls herself Shephard’s best friend. “She’s a complete, like she’s a complete mess. She can barely, I don’t know, communicate with someone let alone stand fit for trial.”

“We both had a drug abuse problem,” said Lutes. “I’m currently getting over mine and she’s doing the best she can with hers as well. She’s currently sober, she’s weighting 122.5 pounds. She’s doing very good inside.”

Baylee Wylie’s mother also spoke outside of court. She says she is very happy with the finding.

“I was very worried, but now I’m relieved,” said Amanda Wylie. “It’s important that she be brought to justice for what happened to Baylee.”

Several other young people from the Moncton area have been arrested in connection with what police have described as the “extremely violent” murder of 18-year-old Wylie.


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