Kelowna homes evacuated because of bomb scare

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KELOWNA–Six homes have been evacuated in Kelowna due to a bomb scare.

RCMP are waiting for the Explosives Disposal Unit from the Lower Mainland to deal with a suspicious package.


They’ve cordoned off an area behind the 400-block of Wardlaw Avenue while they investigate.

RCMP responded to a complaint about an abandoned backpack at 12:06 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

Some of the contents of the backpack caused concern.

Ryan McDowell found the backpack while playing outside with his two young children.

“I obviously got the kids away, got them in the house, and went back to further investigate,” says McDowell, “I didn’t want to touch it but I peeked in the bag and, you know, it’s definitely obvious that someone had made a device that they either wanted to make look like a bomb or perhaps it is a bomb.”

RCMP are asking the public to avoid the area of Wardlaw Avenue, Abbott Street and Bath Street.

The area will remain cordoned off until the package has been recovered and disposed of.

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