Halifax pays homage to victims of Titanic, 104 years later

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The mighty ship that was hailed as “unsinkable” went down 104 years ago, on April 15, 1912.

The RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton, England on April 10, destined for New York City.

She never made it.

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Just before midnight on April 14, the ship struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The damage was irreversible and the ship began to gradually fill with water. By 2:30 that morning, she broke apart and foundered, sinking with over 1,000 people still on board.

Halifax led the rescue expedition and is the resting place of 150 victims that were recovered from the sinking site.

“All the bodies were brought back here,” David LeBlanc with the Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada explained.

“Other than the ones that were paid for and sent back by the families, back to their home burial places.”

The deadly sinking is considered one of the greatest marine disasters of all time.

Halifax has three different Titanic grave sties.

“There’s Fairview Lawn Cemetery, there’s one just up above at the Jewish cemetery and then there’s the Catholic site, the Mount Olivet,” LeBlanc said.

Many of the graves at the Fairview Lawn Cemetery are only identified by the number marking the order they were pulled from the ocean.

There’s also a grave dedicated to the memory of an unknown child.

Who was identified in 2008 as Sidney Leslie Goodwin, a 19 month old boy from London.

On Friday, the day of the anniversary, there was an angel placed beside it.



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