Edmonton police warn of condo and apartment parkade B&Es

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EDMONTON – Theft in parkades continues to be a problem in Edmonton. Police have investigated 800 parkade break-and-enter complaints in 2015 and 2016.

Police said it’s a crime that costs apartment and condo residents millions of dollars in stolen vehicles and valuables every year.

“It’s not uncommon for officers to be investigating several parkade break and enters a day across our city,” Const. Amanda Trenchard said.

“Criminals are always looking for easy targets, and parkades can offer them a one-stop shopping experience, especially when property isn’t protected.”

Police remind drivers to lock their vehicles and take valuables out of the vehicle.

If the bad guys don’t see anything that attracts them to break into your vehicle, and you lock your vehicle, then there’s a good chance you won’t become a target,” Const. Trenchard said.

Condo residents should also wait until the garage door is closed before entering or leaving a parkade.

“These are often crimes of opportunity. If a criminal recognizes that residents of a building aren’t waiting nearby until the garage door closes, or they’re not paying attention in their mirrors, then criminals may simply seize the opportunity to slip in behind them,” Const. Trenchard said.

Edmonton police have a list of additional tips:

Don’t leave your registration and insurance in your vehicle, in order to protect yourself against identity theft;Don’t leave a garage door opener in your vehicle. A thief may use it to break into your house while you’re away;Anti-theft bolts should be used to secure license plates;Never leave a spare key in your vehicle;Use a “club” to secure the steering wheel if you have an older vehicle without adequate anti-theft features;If faced with an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, leave the parkade and seek help;


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