Donald Trump ‘reflects the best of New York values,’ newspaper says in endorsement

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For all his “rookie mistakes” and ”amateurish, divisive – and downright coarse” language, Donald Trump is the best reflection of “New York values,” according to the New York Post which endorsed the controversial candidate ahead of Tuesday’s New York Primary.

Trump is currently ahead of John Kasich and Ted Cruz in the polls ahead of the New York Primary and seems poised to win his home state.

And the newspaper says, as “a New Yorker, born and bred,” Trump should win.

“A plain-talking entrepreneur with outer-borough, common-sense sensibilities,” the endorsement reads.

“Trump is a do-er. As a businessman, he’s created jobs for thousands. And he’s proven how a private-sector, can-do approach can rip through government red tape and get things done.”



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    The endorsement goes on to say that through the campaign Trump has “ripped through a different morass – the nation’s stale, insider-driven politics.”

    The author does admit, however, that some of Trump’s ideas aren’t necessarily the best and might seem “made on the fly” like pulling U.S. troops out of Japan and South Korea and pushing both countries “to go nuclear.”

    Then there’s building a wall along the Mexican border. The newspaper calls that “far too simplistic a policy for a nation of immigrants.”

    The newspaper endorsement does admit Trump employs “downright coarse” language but justifies it saying, “what else to expect from someone who’s never been a professional politician and reflects common-man passions?”

    “Indeed, his political incorrectness is one of his great attractions — it proves he’s not one of ‘them,’” the endorsement reads.

    Trump’s political incorrectness has, however, embroiled his campaign in a series of controversies so far in the campaign including – but not limited to – suggesting Mexican immigrants were rapists, not immediately denouncing an endorsement from the KKK, suggesting falsely that “thousands of people were cheering” on rooftops in New Jersey during 9/11, and saying he’d bring back torture and “a lot worse than waterboarding.”

    The newspaper says Trump “reflects the best of ‘New York values.’”

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