‘Big Brother Canada’ evicted houseguest Raul: I put friendship and loyalty first

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Raul’s destiny on Big Brother Canada was always intrinsically tied to his other alliance members, Jared and Kelsey, so it was no big surprise when the close couple eventually had to choose themselves over their friend.

Raul didn’t make it easy on himself, either, especially with his last-minute “speech” to contestants he called “floaters.” It left a sour taste, and probably helped the other houseguests vote him off.


In a landslide 6-1 vote, he was voted out of the house, signalling the demise of the so-called Third Wheel alliance. Global News spoke to Calgary resident Raul about getting evicted, and who he thinks is going to win the whole thing.

Global News: How shocked are you to be evicted?
Raul Manriquez: I wasn’t shocked at all. I knew that the whole house would want to keep Kelsey because people can win against her in competitions. She’s not that strong in the challenges, but I am. I was part of the strongest alliance in the house, and people started to get scared of me. I knew it was coming.

How did it feel to be evicted, and to be up on the block with Kelsey again?
We knew it was going to happen again, of course. The first time was super sad because of our strong relationship. We were crying all the time and trying to have fun in our last moments. The second time, it was game time. I wanted to fight against her to see what would happen.

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Do you think you could have gone all the way?
I don’t think so, to be honest. I don’t know. I could have gone all the way if I had separated from the alliance earlier in the game, but because I always put friendship and loyalty first in this game, I think that doesn’t work in the Big Brother house.

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Do you regret that decision at all? To prioritize friendship over the game?
Not at all. I came for the full experience. Especially being from another country and coming to Canada… I became a Canadian and I wanted to feel the whole Canadian experience. [Laughs] The ultimate Canadian experience.

Who/what do you think was most responsible for your eviction, and why?
I think it was Mitch, actually. When he left the house, he left a seed planted telling the houseguests to get rid of us [our alliance]. Even though he was my best friend, he still wanted that alliance out. Maddy and Ramsey were also strongly against us, too.

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Do you think helping Jared out during that maze POV was a good choice?
Everything just came down to friendship at that point. I knew I was going on the block, but it didn’t stop me from helping out my friend.

What was the hardest thing to deal with in the BBCAN house?
Boredom. Slop was horrible, I hated it! A lot of people were really messy, as well. At the end of the day, we had fun anyway.

Any predictions on what’s going to happen and who’s going to take it all?
I’m hoping Jared and Kelsey will take it all, and I’m sure Tim will be right behind them. I’m hoping to see Maddy, Ramsey and the brothers in the jury house soon. [Laughs]

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