2nd Annual Justinsane Barbie Car Club remembers car crash victim

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REGINA – Are you ready? Set, Go!

This is not your mother’s car classic.

It’s a silly day of racing Barbie cars. The tiny motorize vehicles meant for 6-year-olds were being raced by helmet wearing adults.

The Justinsane Barbie Car Club is in honor of Justin Kowalski.

He was killed after his work truck rolled on highway 2, half-an-hour outside of Moose Jaw. The driver of the truck, Jesse Taylor David was charged with impaired driving causing multiple deaths.


He was sentenced earlier this week to 4 years behind bars.

“Well you gotta do your time, its kind of sad I guess. Him and Justin were really close,” Justin’s father, Mike Kowalski said.

The Kowalski family said it’s sad that he’s gone, but claims everything happens for a reason, and so, they have chosen to celebrate his life instead.

Justin’s Aunt Kari Wolitski organized the event and said the day was all about channeling Justin’s fun spirit.

“They said, hey let’s do something Justin would have gone crazy for, and Justin would have been the first one on one of these cars rolling down the hill. So it’s just because he was who he was, and his nickname was Justin-sane,” Wolitski said.

Today’s car crashes were all in good spirits, and the quads acted as tow trucks instead, transporting the Barbie cars back up the hill for the round-robin competition.

Justin’s young daughter was present, and even shared her Barbie car for Mom to ride.

Steven Kowalski remembers his brother as a hardworking, fun person to be around.

“He was just a fun loving rambunctious guy who was always up for a good time,” Kowalski said.

The Justinesane Barbie Car Club is now a non-for-profit. They raise money to look after Justin’s hometown of Mossbank, Saskatchewan. This year the goal is to improve the local pool for the kids.

The family said even though Justin is gone, his loving spirit can live on.

“We don’t blame anybody, we don’t have fault with anybody we just want everyone to get along and love each other. It is what it is we move forward from here and this is what we’ve decided to do with that,” Wolitski said.

It was a beautiful sunny day for being silly, barely a cloud in the sky. That way, they said, Justin had a great view.

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