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RCMP continue to investigate Tisdale, Sask. murder-suicide

RCMP continue to investigate a murder-suicide in Saskatchewan. The bodies of Latasha Gosling and three of her children were found in their mobile home in Tisdale, Sask. on April 22, 2015.

The alleged killer, Steve O’Shaughnessy, fled Tisdale to Prince Albert with their six-month-old girl where he killed himself.

The baby was found unharmed.

READ MORE: Five people, including 3 children, dead in suspected murder suicide

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  • Emotional Tisdale, Sask. vigil remembers murdered mom, 3 children

  • Tisdale, Sask. tragedy sounding alarm about domestic violence

    Police say the investigation into their deaths is almost complete.

    “Investigations such as this take an emotional toll and has a lasting impact on investigators,” said RCMP Staff. Sgt Murray Chamberlin from the major crime unit south.

    “We see and hear things throughout the course of investigation and are not immune to the effects a tragedy such as this has on families and communities as a whole.”

    READ MORE: Murdered Tisdale Sask. family being remembered as loving, caring

    Chamberlin said any details from their investigation will not be released to the public as no criminal charges are being laid.

    “We recognize the public’s desire to learn the details of a tragedy,” said Chamberlin.

    “In this instance it is information we cannot share. Our investigators and support units have worked tirelessly to ensure all aspects of this investigation are considered and examined to their full potential.”

    READ MORE: Family of alleged Tisdale killer Steve O’Shaughnessy releases statement

    A family member later revealed that O’Shaughnessy had taken photos of the bodies and sent copies to the cellphone of Gosling’s estranged husband, the biological father of the three older children.

    Tisdale is located 210 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon.

    With files from

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Wage gap: The more women lean in, the more unequal their pay

If you’re a woman, the more professionally successful you are, the less you make relative to your male colleagues.

That’s true in any industry or occupation: in the health sector and management; in education, mining, finance and retail —; the latter being both the most gender-balanced, compensation-wise, as well as the lowest-paying industry in the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives study, published Monday.

The study used data from the 2013 Canadian Income Survey to calculate the difference in Ontario men’s and women’s average annual incomes depending what income group they’re in, what education they have and what field they work in.

The only rung of the earnings ladder where women’s pay tops men’s is the bottom: The poorest 10 per cent of women make about $190 more a year, on average, than the poorest 10 per cent of men.

After that, men make more and the gap gets larger.

Men in the second grouping earn 18 per cent more than women in the same group; in the fourth grouping, 42 per cent more.

The highest-earning men earn almost 60 per cent more than the highest-earning women.

These gaps persist in prestigious occupations: Women who work in health and government make less than two-thirds what their male counterparts make.

The disparity persists no matter how much education you have.

In this case, however, the additional education pays off: Even though women earn less than men regardless of their credentials, that gap shrinks the more educated they are.

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Some of the factors behind this pay gap are systemic: If women shoulder the child-care burden, as they disproportionately do, they’re more likely to work fewer hours or take time off to care for children, or take lower-paying jobs that give them flexibility to make daycare pickup.

These factors reinforce each other: If a male partner’s making more and child care’s out of reach, his female partner is more likely to be the one to put her career on hold to take care of kids at home.

But even if you ignore all of that and compare compensation for men and women doing the exact same work for the exact same number of hours, there’s still at least a 14 per cent gap overall, said study author Mary Cornish.

“There are still significant gender gaps between the earnings, overall, of women doctors and male doctors,” she said.

“You could also still have lawyers doing the same things and being paid differently.

Women’s work is valued less, unconsciously or not, even when they’re doing the same work.

“That’s a long history of the association of things that are female as being undervalued in society,” Cornish said.

“It moved into paid work —; it wasn’t paid highly enough.”

This is reflected in research elsewhere: When women enter male-dominated fields, the New York Times reported last month, the pay in those fields drops.

And it isn’t because women are less competitive or more family-oriented: A long-term study of Harvard Business School MBA graduates found men and women had similar goals both at the outset of their careers and decades later.

But despite equivalent qualifications and similar priorities, men were still more likely to have managerial positions, oversee other employees or have profit-and-loss responsibility.

Wage transparency could help address income issues, Cornish says: Just letting people know what their co-workers are making can shine a light on inequities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

“There is currently no law against an employer saying that it’s secret,” she said.

“If you ask you should be told.”

(That’s also an argument for the pay grades that come with unionization, Cornish notes.)

But the government has an enforcement role as well, she argues:

“There’s not a lot of enforcement,” she said.

“The government should be monitoring employers on whether or not they’re systematically paying their female employees less.

It’s more than an issue of fairness: When women don’t feel valued in their workplace, they leave.

The Law Society of Upper Canada tracked lawyers called to the bar in 1996 who did criminal law in private practice. By 2014, 60 per cent of the women in the group had left the field, compared with 47 per cent of men.

It goes beyond financial or familial concerns, a Criminal Lawyers Association study found: The majority of female private practice criminal lawyers said they were considering leaving, many citing poor treatment from judges, clerks, clients and fellow lawyers treated them differently because they were women.

“Many reported feeling that criminal law was a poor environment for women to work in, with others discussing feelings of being ‘dumped on’ by media, Crown lawyers, court clerks, judges, and even their clients,” the survey reads.

“The private practice of criminal law was seen as very much still an ‘old boy’s club,’ leaving many women feeling poorly treated simply because they are women and reconsidering why they ought to stay in the practice.”

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How Global News is covering the 2016 Manitoba Election

WINNIPEG —; Global News will be giving you up-to-date news as it happens during the 41st general election in Manitoba on April 19. Here’s how we’ll keep you informed:

TV coverage

As soon as the polls close at 8 p.m. CT on April 19, Global News will take to the air to provide commercial-free election news and updates as they happen.

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  • Campaign promise tracker for the Manitoba election

  • Manitoba Tory leader defends spending one-fifth of his time in Costa Rica

  • POLL: Which candidate should win the 2016 Manitoba provincial election?

  • Elizabeth May in Winnipeg hoping to boost support for Manitoba’s Green Party

    Global News at 6 anchors Heather Steele and Lauren McNabb, along with Chief Political Correspondent Tom Clark will lead our broadcast coverage from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. Global News at 10 anchor Crystal Goomansingh will report from our social media desk and National Affairs Correspondent Eric Sorenson will be reporting from our virtual set.

    Our panel at 680 CJOB News studios will provide analysis and commentary as the news comes in. The panel will be hosted by 680 CJOB’s Geoff Currier and made up of former NDP MLA and member of the ‘rebel five,’ Erin Selby; Progressive Conservative candidate for Tuxedo, Heather Stefanson; Manitoba Liberal Campaign Director, Corey Shefman and political analyst Royce Coop.

    Global News will have reporters live at campaign headquarters all around the city. Sean Leslie will be at the Progressive Conservative headquarters, Brittany Greenslade at the NDP headquarters, Talia Ricci at the Liberal’s headquarters and Adrian Cheung will be roving the city covering the need-to-know stories as they come up.

    On Globalnews长沙夜网

    We have had extensive coverage as the campaign has rolled out and you can follow along on our Decision Manitoba 2016 home page in the days leading up to April 19.

    On election day, we will stream our entire show with Heather Steele, Lauren Mcnabb, Tom Clark and our panel of experts live from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

    We will have a live blog pulling the most up-to-date tweets from reporters live tweeting in the field, analysts, our panel and party leaders throughout the day and night.

    We will have extensive, live coverage of results as soon as polls close with separate stories for all 57 Manitoba ridings.

    Global News on social media

    Follow along with Global News on Facebook, 桑拿会所 and Instagram on election night.

    We will be live tweeting results as they come in, letting you know who was elected where and when. Our accounts will feature behind-the-scenes videos and pictures from campaign headquarters, the newsroom and all around the city as the votes come  in as well as sharing everything you need to know about the Manitoba election.

    Trust Global News on election day to keep you in the loop.

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Vancouver Police look for suspect, issue Canada-wide warrant in random stabbing

Vancouver Police are looking for one of two men allegedly responsible for stabbing a 50-year-old man in a random attack.

Const. Brian Montague said the attack happened in broad daylight, at around 1 p.m. March 19 in the 2300 block of Eton St.

The victim was attacked by two strangers and was taken to hospital with life-threatening stab wounds. He survived his injuries, but had to spend a week at the hospital and is now recovering at home.

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Montague said the two accused are known to each other, but have no connection to the victim. He said there was no argument or altercation leading up to the attack, and dispelled the theory that the victim was a binner.

MAP: The site of the attack – 2300 block of Eton St. 

On April 12, one of the men believed responsible for the attack was arrested at a home on McGill and Nanaimo St.

Thirty-two-year-old Clifford Jackson has now been released from custody. He was charged with aggravated assault and has multiple bail conditions.

Police are still looking for 30-year-old Adam Ferreira, who they believe is the second man involved in the attack.

He remains at large, and there is a Canada-wide warrant out for his arrest.

He is described as 6′ tall and weighing 170 to 180 pounds. He has brown eyes, brown hair and a tattoo of a dragon on his right upper arm.

Ferreira is also wanted for aggravated assault.

Police said they are familiar with him, but he has no prior criminal history.

“It is a violent, random incident, so it’s of concern to us,” Montague said.

There is a possibility Ferreira is outside the Lower Mainland or even B.C.

Anyone who sees or knows his whereabouts is asked not to approach him and call 911 immediately.

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Preliminary hearing underway for British sailors accused of sex assault

The preliminary hearing for four British sailors accused of a group sexual assault opened Friday in Dartmouth.

“The purpose is to test the crown’s case to see whether or not it’ll be committed to trial,”said Scott Morrison, Crown Attorney.

“At the end of the day, the court will be asked to determine whether some, none or all of these men will be sent to Supreme Court for trial.”

Simon Radford, Joshua Finbow, Darren Smalley and Craig Stoner are all charged with sexual assault causing bodily harm.

The men are accused of gang-raping a young woman in a barracks at CFB Shearwater on April 10, 2015.

READ MORE: 4 British Navy sailors charged in alleged Shearwater sexual assault

The only witness to take the stand on Friday was the alleged victim of the assault, whose identity is protected.

Where the case is currently in the preliminary stage, all evidence presented during the hearing is protected under a publication ban and cannot be reported on.

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“We have a good case,” said Morrison outside court on Friday. “So obviously, we’re going to push it forward as far as the law and the evidence allows.”

WATCH: Group sexual assaults more common than many believe: Halifax organization

Five days have been set aside to hear evidence in the case. It’s anticipated between 10 to 15 witnesses will take the stand and testify.

The British sailors were in the Halifax-area for a hockey tournament last year.

Following the charges, all four were granted bail by a Supreme Court judge and allowed to return to the U.K., providing they abide by a number of release conditions.

“One of those conditions require that they come to this area 5 days, at least 5 days before any hearing that they have to be present in. So they’ve been here, by their conditions for at least five days,” said Eric Taylor, Crown Attorney.

WATCH: 3 British Navy sailors charged in alleged gang rape can return home to U.K.

Testimony will continue in the preliminary hearing next week. After weighing all the evidence, a provincial court judge will determine whether or not the case should proceed to trial.

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Stolen cab rams Saskatoon police cruisers, parked vehicles

SASKATOON – Several cruisers and parked vehicles were damaged following a police chase early Friday morning. Police were called to the 100-block of Gropper Crescent around 2 a.m. CT for a report of a stolen taxi.

The cab driver told officers he had picked up three women at a hotel on Fairhaven Drive. While enroute to their destination, the taxi driver said they began choking and punching him and demanded money.

He was able to escape and call for help. He received minor injuries.

The stolen cab was spotted in the 400-block of Pendygrasse Road. When patrol officers attempted to stop the cab, the driver refused and lead police on a short high speed chase.

Officers called off the chase when the Air Support Unit (ASU) picked up the vehicle however a responding canine unit was hit by the stolen vehicle at the intersection of Pendygrasse Road and Clancy Drive.

ASU officers spotted one person jumping from the taxi on Forrester Road. She was taken into custody and treated for minor injuries.

The driver then headed to Hull Crescent, where another traffic stop was attempted. The driver collided with several patrol cruisers and parked vehicles and went over stop sticks before driving away.

The taxi eventually came to a stop at Whitney Avenue and 20 Street West. Officers arrested the driver following a struggle.

READ MORE: Man assaulted, robbed in his northern Saskatchewan home

The 20-year-old woman is facing a number of charged including robbery, dangerous driving, evading police and assaulting a peace officer.

The 17-year-old woman who jumped from the taxi is facing a robbery charge.

Both are expect to be seen Friday by a justice of the peace.

Police continue to search for the third woman.

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  • Man charged in Saskatoon’s 3rd homicide of 2016

  • Four charged in Saskatoon cocaine bust

  • Saskatoon business owner fed up over theft and vandalism

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus: ‘SNL’ was a ‘very sexist environment’

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is about to head back to host Saturday Night Live this weekend, but it sounds like her memories of her time as a cast member, from 1982 to 1985, aren’t very fond (just “fondly-ish,” she quipped).

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In an interview with The New York Times, the Veep and Seinfeld funnywoman revisits the years she spent on SNL, revealing that it was a “very sexist environment.”

She claims women on the show at that time were not given equal treatment “at all.”

READ MORE: Seinfeld cast delivers the happiest birthday to terminally ill fan

“I didn’t do anything particularly great when I was there,” she asserts. “I did not come out of SNL as any kind of name.” Indeed, Louis-Dreyfus found her fame, years later, as Elaine on Seinfeld.

The actress says that since she’s gone back to host — this’ll be her third time — she’s noticed a definite change in treatment of female cast members.

“Since I’ve gone back, I can tell you it’s much more of an equal-opportunity environment,” she said, emphasizing that, from her perspective, TV is a much more accepting place for female actors.

READ MORE: Restaurant pop-ups a trend to lure customers with nostalgia

“Opportunity for women in television has increased,” she said. “It’s because the landscape has widened. More women got on the playing field. I’m certain that there’s more much more in television that can be done. And I’m trying to do it. But I’ve certainly seen it change in my lifetime.”

This isn’t the first time that a female SNL cast member has had a sexist experience on the show. At the end of 2015, Tina Fey made a guest appearance on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show, and said at one point during her SNL run, castmate Colin Quinn called her a “c**t” in a voicemail message. (The two have since reconciled.)

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Timeline | PrettyFamous

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Caught on camera: Teacher berates student for porn accusation

A Grade 6 math teacher from East Bank, W.V. was caught on camera barging into another classroom and berating a student April 12.

The student, 13-year-old Jeffrey Province, said he saw the teacher, Thomas Yohn, watching porn alone in the classroom.

Province said he was the first to arrive to his classroom at East Bank Middle School when he saw what he described as X-rated content.

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“I saw something that no 13-year-old should ever see in a school,” he told CBS-affiliate WOWK.

READ MORE: Georgia mom posts disturbing video of school officials threatening to ‘paddle’ her son

Province said he alerted the school’s principal Michael Wilkinson and later in the day, Yohn interrupted his English class to scold him in front of his classmates.

In the video, Yohn can be heard saying:

“Next time you open your big stinking mouth, pal, I’ll write you up and send you to the office for coming into my room without permission. What I watch as an adult is my choice. You as a child wait in the hall until you’re invited into my room. Is that clear?”

He goes on to tell Province that with one more infraction, he would no longer be able to attend math class.

“I was afraid that he would do something to hurt me because I told on him and I might make him lose his job,” said Province.

READ MORE:Teacher duct taped autistic student, dad furious

The boy’s mother, Carmelene Short, says she isn’t happy with how the school handled the situation. She said the school never told her that the incident occurred and she had to find out through Facebook.

“His grandpa said, ‘You need to get on Facebook and watch this video’ and when I did I was shocked,” she said.

When asked, assistant principal Clifford Nicholas would not comment on the incident, saying it was a personnel matter, but confirmed that Yohn had been a teacher at the school for one year. Yohn is currently listed as a staff member on the school website.

According to the Huffington Post, Wilkinson said no pornographic materials were found on Yohn’s computers.

READ MORE:‘We all think you’re a terrorist’: teacher removed after allegedly calling Muslim honour student terrorist

In the video, Yohn can be heard accusing Province of blackmailing him for an A, which Province denies.

Short said she isn’t planning on taking action against Yohn or the school but is disappointed.

“He is supposed to be safe at school and this should have never happened at all,” she said.

Attempts to reach Yohn and the Kanawha County Board of Education were not returned by time of publication.

A spokesman for the state education department said, “The West Virginia Department of Education is aware of the personnel matter in East Bank and we are following up with the county. As always the safety and well being of students is our top priority.”

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Free tuition comes at a cost, NB Tuition Access Bursary critics warn

The recent announcement of free tuition for low-income and middle-class students entering publicly funded post-secondary institutions is receiving criticism from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

READ MORE: New Brunswick government announces free tuition for low income students

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“There’s nothing free in government,” says Kevin Lacey, Atlantic director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “This promise today is paid for with borrowed money. That money that’s borrowed today will mean higher taxes to the very students that are benefiting.”

Lacey says the Tuition Access Bursary (TAB) sounds like a positive step but it’s a bit misguided.

“Investing in education is the right path for the province, it promotes business investment,” Lacey said. “But there’s no evidence to show that investing more money in lowering tuition payments will actually encourage more people to go to university. There’s much larger factors than just cost to why people go to school and why they don’t.”

Canadian Taxpayers Federation Atlantic Director Kevin Lacey

Global News

TAB will provide tuition payment for students whose family’s gross annual income is $60,000 or less.

While it is the newest student assistance program announced it’s not the first, and Lacey says students had it better in the past.

“They decided to cancel two tax credits that were actually worth more than this commitment for this free tuition. So in the end students are down more than they’re up as a result of this promise.”

“This is a highly political move by the government.”

Students enrolling in New Brunswick universities and colleges as early as this fall will benefit from the program, however, only publicly funded institutions qualify.

READ MORE: Students removed from NB legislature over tuition, education cuts protest

“The fact that the private sector was left out is no surprise,” says Karen Furlotte, financial director of the Atlantic Business College.

“Over the last six years the general feeling in the private sector is that our government is trying to put us out of business.”

Furlotte says that higher student enrollment doesn’t necessarily guarantee a strengthened workforce in our province.

“I can certainly see where the numbers of students at universities are going to increase, but is that going to benefit our province or is that going to be another drain on taxpayers?” Furlotte says. “Will these university graduates be able to stay and find employment in New Brunswick or will they be forced to leave like so many of our other young people?”

“Education and the government’s role in assisting education is an investment, not a cost,” says Constantine Passaris, UNB Economics Professor.

He says it’s a big step in the right direction and a decision worth celebrating.

UNB Economics Professor Constantine Passaris

Jeremy Keefe

“Taking money away from other sources and putting it in education, investing it in our young people is an absolutely essential thing to do at this time and I see no downside to it,” Passaris says.

“All of this creates a synergy of advantages and benefits that I think is just tremendous.”

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Premier Notley takes jab at PCs during Chamber of Commerce address

EDMONTON – Alberta Premier Rachel Notley took a veiled shot at her Progressive Conservative predecessors in a speech Friday selling her new budget to the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

Notley trumpeted the $35 billion in infrastructure projects now underway.

READ MORE: Alberta Budget 2016: NDP opts to spend big, deficit hits $10.4B 

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  • Praise, criticism aplenty as Premier Notley begins selling Alberta Budget 2016

    Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson talks pros and cons of Alberta Budget 2016

  • Alberta budget 2016: Winners and losers

    She says the projects are “real infrastructure projects where real cement will be poured and a real school or a real road will be built.”

    Earlier this week Alberta’s auditor general delivered a scathing report on the failed school construction program undertaken by the Tories under former premiers Alison Redford and Jim Prentice.

    READ MORE: Failing grade: Alberta auditor general rips failed school construction 

    Auditor General Merwan Saher reported the Tories promised more than 100 new schools to accommodate a rapidly growing population.

    But he found that the administrative process was  hopelessly confused, with no one in charge, no money set aside, leaving cabinet ministers to announce schools with no idea if they could be built as promised.

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